Structured Wiring
Structured wiring is a general term that refers to a whole-house network of audio, video, data, telephone, television, home automation or security signals. Each of these wires/signals are carried across a dedicated wire from each port in your house and terminated in a structured wiring panel. In addition to termination blocks the panel has application specific modules that can handle computer networking, cable/satellite TV, whole house audio, telephone, home automation and security. Typically a jumper cable will go from each termination point to the required module, which allows for easy reconfiguration of the ports that are located in each room of your home. An example would be converting a telephone port to be used for a wired ethernet connection.

The most common type of wiring used is 8-conductor CAT-5E/6 cable, which is also known as ethernet cable. The exception to this is cable/satellite TV which use Coaxial cable. The advantage of using ethernet cable is that it can carry almost any type of signal including whole house video and it can be easily repurposed for other uses within a structured wiring panel.

We install Leviton and OnQ structured wiring panels, but can support any manufacturers wiring panels and there are adapters to allow modules from one manufacturer to work in another manufacturer’s wiring panel.

Whole House Audio
Whole house audio is a sound system that can play your favorite music in every room of your house. This includes CD’s, iPods, AM/FM/Satellite radio, and your various streaming options like Apple Music, Pandora, and Rhapsody.

We can design a system that uses a multi-zone amplifier to distribute music to any number of speakers throughout your home and even outside to your porch or pool. Each room is considered a zone and has it’s own dedicated in-wall keypad that supports source selection, volume, and transport controls. To maintain a clean installation speakers are installed in the ceilings and walls.

We sell several different types of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that sound great and are unobtrusive. The installation of these types of systems works best during the construction process or remodeling, as all of the wiring is hidden within the walls. Our preferred systems are manufactured by Russound as they offer fully expandable systems at multiple price points.

In-wall systems are most desirable for rental homes as all of the components are permanently installed. This is of significant importance if your home is a rental.

Other options include Sonos system that can operate wirelessly. They work great when it is not possible or practical to run wiring, but are not recommended for rental homes as they system components are free-standing.

TV Mounting
Wall-mounted televisions look great, but care must be taken when choosing and installing a mounting bracket. Safety is of paramount concern when wall-mounting a TV, especially if it is in a rental home. Our wall-mounts of choice are manufactured by Chief Manufacturing and Sanus.

Chief makes two brackets that are our favorite to install. Both have metal boxes that mount inside the wall. The boxes have ports for power and audio/video signals and can support almost any size TV with a mounting arm that can be pulled away from the wall in order to access to back of the TV. The added bonus of this type of installation is that TV ends up being as flat against the wall as possible (typically less than an inch).

For standard wall mounts we install kits that allow for all the wiring to be hidden out of view versus hanging down from the TV.
AV Installation & Support
We can support the AV needs at your home or at your vacation rental home. If something goes wrong with your equipment during a rental we offer a quick response time to get there and get everything repaired.
We install and service video monitoring systems from Speco Technologies for homeowners and businesses. The systems can save up to 30 days of recording and are the best monitoring solutions. As an added benefit these systems allow remote access via your computer, phone, or tablet. For privately occupied homes and businesses indoor and outdoor cameras are recommended. For homes that are rented only outdoor cameras are advisable.
Weather Stations
We install and support RainWise Inc. weather stations. These are industrial strength weather stations that can withstand our salty environment. The company is based on the coast of Maine and their products are tested in their harsh environment. They offer an outstanding warranty along with great service and support. They also have the most unique display panel in the industry. It is an LED display that can be seen from across the room. They also offer the ability to report your conditions via the internet to the various weather sites: Weather Underground, iKiteSurf, WindAlert, etc.
Computer Support
We can support any type of computer issues with Mac’s or PC’s ranging from software/hardware installation, troubleshooting, viruses, etc. We have extensive experience will all Apple and Microsoft products, as well as a wide variety of routers, switches, and other hardware.